Identifying and developing tomorrow’s leaders

The client is a large biotech company that has established a long-running management assessment program, conducted by PCI, for aspiring managers, directors, and executives.  In addition to providing a high-impact learning experience through management simulations, PCI’s program allows participants to “try on” the next-level management role.  PCI provides an assessment of current management skills and helps design a development path forward for each participant.

Assessment centers have been designed and conducted at three levels for:

  • Aspiring frontline managers
    • Group assessment
    • 2 days; 5 simulations
  • Aspiring managers of managers
    • Group assessment
    • 2 days; 5 simulations
  • Aspiring executives
    • Individual assessment
    • 2 days; 4 simulations

Feedback is provided in several ways.  At the end of the second day, a video review session is conducted with each participant, using a recording of one of the role play exercises.  At the conclusion of the program, there is a group debriefing, and several weeks after the program, a written summary report is sent to the participants and their managers, followed by a telephone feedback conference.  Six months later, all parties reconvene for a follow up coaching and review session.

Over the past 10 years, over 1500 participants have participated in this program.

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