Winning on the Front Line

How a biotech company used PCI’s “Leadership Development Center” to help drive the vision of “Striving for Greatness”

Participants were current front line sales managers (area business directors).  The assessment center program (with a developmental focus of “sharpening the saw”) was two days in length, with 5 management simulation exercises, customized to relevant and important issue that needed ongoing reinforcement.  These included a group exercise, a strategic presentation exercise, an inbox exercise, an annual performance review exercise, and a coaching/counseling exercise.

With an emphasis on development, PCI assessors conducted two video review sessions of the one-on-one exercises.  Several weeks after the conclusion of the program, participants received an in-depth summary report and engaged in a telephone feedback conference with PCI and their managers.  Six months later, another coaching conference was scheduled.

At the end of the process, mean competency ratings were determined for this group of managers and compared with benchmarking data from other companies in the biotech industry.  PCI analyzed the performance patterns of all managers, noting common areas of strength and developmental opportunities for the group.  The client used this information to inform their curriculum development process for the following year.

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