Group Assessments

Identifying and developing leadership potential
PCI’s Assessment Centers are designed to either determine a candidate’s readiness for promotion to assume next-level responsibilities or to evaluate current managers’ leadership skills. We identify areas where skill levels need improvement, and design custom plans to guide each individual’s professional growth, supporting their future career success.

Evaluating management skills and leadership talent
Our experienced assessors evaluate each individual’s performance during simulations of real world challenges. These include:

  • Inbox exercises
  • Cases studies requiring analysis
  • Leaderless group discussions
  • One-on-one role plays
  • Presentation exercises

Measurements are made using either our standard competency model, or using the clients’ own model.

Enriching and accelerating individual development with behavior-based feedback
We give both participants and their managers clear, detailed assessments of performance. We identify where they are strong, and show them their areas of opportunity for improvement. To do this, we provide:

  • Comprehensive written reports
  • On-site video feedback sessions
  • In-depth telephone feedback conferences after the session
  • Feedback conference with participants’ managers
  • Long-term mentoring through ongoing coaching

Tailoring to the unique needs of each client organization
From beginning to end, we keep the culture, values, and goals of every client firmly in mind, aligning with them at every stage, so that the growth of the participants is in sync with the intentions of the company.

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