Individual Assessments

Individual assessments allow us to concentrate on the evaluation of each person, one at a time. We tailor these assessments to the client’s requirements, addressing their most important leadership needs. Our trained assessors prepare a detailed analysis of observed strengths and areas for improvement, and recommend an action plan for ongoing development.

Individual assessments are offered for three managerial levels:

  • Front-line manager
  • Manager of managers
  • Executive

The assessment activities are conducted over the course of one or two days by our trained, experienced assessors, and include:

  • management simulations exercises
  • cognitive ability appraisals
  • personality assessment
  • an in-depth interview

The results are evaluated and presented in a detailed analysis of strengths, opportunities for growth, and an action plan supporting the participant’s career development and increasing value to the company.

Management Simulation Exercises


  • For 2.5 hours,the participant assumes the role of a newly promoted manager confronted with an email box full of messages covering a broad range of issues, and all requiring a response.
    Feedback and Coaching

  • TheĀ participant meets for 30 minutes with a direct report whose job performance has been lagging, and must try to achieve some change.

  • Offered a choice of topics, the participant prepares a presentation for an audience.

Cognitive Ability Appraisals

    General Mental Ability

  • A closely timed test measures the ability to learn, comprehend, solve problems, and adjust to changing situations. It yields an overall mental ability score as well as scores for verbal and quantitative skills.
    Critical Thinking Appraisal

    This test, which is not timed, measures the individualā€™s practical problem solving skills, including these abilities:

  • to draw inferences based on sufficient data
  • to recognize assumptions taken for granted in statements
  • to reason by deduction to a conclusion that necessarily follows the statement
  • to decide whether certain interpretations can be logically made
  • to determine whether arguments concerning a series of questions are strong or weak

Personality Assessments

    Temperament Survey

  • This multiple-choice survey identifies work-related characteristics of personality and temperament.
    Personal History Record

  • The participant completes a comprehensive form that surveys work history, educational background, and personal characteristics.
    Background Interview

  • A PCI staff consultant conducts an in-depth interview to explore career accomplishments, strengths, developmental needs, management style, and goals for the future.

An individual assessment is attentive, responsive, and personal. It can be a powerful tool for sharpening skills at higher levels, retaining a client’s most talented leaders, and focusing the participant on the best and most effective strategies for a successful future.

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