Quotes from assessors:

It is very gratifying to see the learning that takes place when individuals are provided the opportunity to have “hands-on” experiences in the managerial realm, helping them continue to grow and develop their abilities.

It is rewarding to positively impact an individual’s career and to be part of a process where people learn by actually doing.

In my work with assessment center participants over the years, I have found it very rewarding to see the ‘aha moments’ – when true experiential learning happens.

One of the most satisfying aspects of this job is when we hear from past participants who tell us that the PCI Assessment Center experience was a pivotal event in their career and instrumental in their career advancement.

The best part of this job is immediately impacting an individual’s management style.  This generally happens during a video review when participants are given the opportunity to view themselves in a coaching simulation.   It is truly a satisfying moment when the “lightbulb goes on” and someone says, “I never thought about that” or “That is something I can implement immediately.”

One of the most satisfying aspects of this job is the impact you make on someone’s career, sometimes long after participating in a program.  I had a manager call me three years after he attended, seeking guidance on handling a difficult personnel situation.   He remembered the helpful advice he received and turned to PCI as a valuable resource who could offer impartial, practical tips.

My favorite part of the assessment center is always the video feedback review. It’s really gratifying to have that one-one-one time with the participants, giving them the unique opportunity to critique their actual performance and helping them to identify their strengths and areas for development. I think this is an incredibly enlightening component of the assessment center experience and I love being able to provide it!

An assessment center is a powerful way for individuals with all levels of experience as a manager, or no management experience at all, to get objective feedback on their approach and learn ways to be more effective as a manager.

It is remarkable to see the variety of ways that participants approach the assessment center simulations, and I am often surprised to observe an approach that I haven’t seen before, but is very effective.

Much of the feedback we give participants is quite subtle, showing ways for participants to take their management skills from “good to great.”

In my years at PCI, I have found it rewarding to know we have made a difference in the lives of others.  Not only do the participants learn and grow from the experience, those they will someday lead and manage will reap the benefits as well.

Quotes from participants:

I want to send my sincerest thanks for hosting our group last week in Richmond for the front-line manager’s assessment.  The new and unique scenarios pushed me out of my comfort zone and made the program both challenging and one of the most rewarding experiences in my career to date.  There was definitely “fun” had as well, which no doubt reflects on the people involved in the process.

PCI was a unique and challenging experience for me which has provided some very specific developmental opportunities and strengths to focus on as I work towards my career goals.  I really appreciate the opportunity I had to work with the PCI team and look forward to growing in the identified development areas.

It is reassuring to know that there are no “textbook” management styles and that there are as many different and effective ways of doing things as there are managers who implement them.

Performance evaluation that is truly objective is a rare commodity…I found that quality in the assessment center method, and in the management development programs at PCI.

I have been through three levels of the Management Assessment Programs at PCI.   At every level, there is something new to learn about myself and my management capabilities.

I left the program wanting to buy my manager an expensive gift.  I have new found respect for what she does on a daily basis.

I loved the video feedback session where I was able to have an in-depth conversation on where I did well and where I could be better.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to learn in a safe environment.  The PCI team was always focused on helping me achieve my goals.

Quotes from managers of participants:

I am amazed at how accurate PCI’s assessments are — based on only two days of observations. PCI sees things that it takes us months and months to observe.”

The Management Assessment Program is the single most helpful, effective, and well-crafted development program I have ever encountered.  I use it consistently and have found no exception to the overall results from the assessments – it has created an amazing amount of value among the managers on my team.

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